Arnold Gym

1037 Budapest, Szépvölgyi út 15. 

IMPRÓcreativity filling station hosts dunaPart club and the professional programme. IMPRÓ is a newly opened cultural centre in the heart of the city. The Momentán Company has renovated the ground floor and basement of a turn-of-the-century building transforming it into an improvisational theatre. By opening IMPRÓ, the company’s primary aim was to create the headquarters of improv in Hungary. Their goal is to establish a venue in Budapest dedicated mostly to improvisational performances where people can experience and enjoy boundless creativity.

Besides being the home of performances, adult and children’s courses and workshops held by the Momentán Company, IMPRÓ will also host companies who deal with improvisation or improvisational techniques in their work. The organisation and hosting of professional meetings, workshops and other creative programs also form part of future plans.

1066 Budapest, Ó u. 4.

 Krétakör Base

1093 Budapest, Gönczy Pál u. 2. II/5.


MERLiN – in the very centre of Budapest, in a beautiful art-deco building – has been  a multi-faceted arts centre since 1991. As an open cultural institute, MERLiN wishes to acquaint Hungarian theatre-goers with outstanding representatives of the international theatre scene, and also provides the English speaking public with opportunities to go out for cultural events. In addition to theatrical productions, there are also dance performances, puppet shows, and performances that hover on the borders of different genres.
At the weekends MERLiN is one of the most popular places of entertainment, presenting national and international stars (bands, DJs, VJs) of the music industry.  

1052 Budapest, Gerlóczy utca 4.
tel: +36 1 317 9338 


MU Theatre, a 130-seater black box presenting contemporary dance, theatre and music productions from both Hungary and abroad, was established in 1991. Based on a new artistic vision, MU Theatre extended its hosting function in April 2009, including the launch of a theatre teaching program, introductory public discussions on selected performances, and the management of own productions. In the compilation of the repertoire, emphasis has shifted from quantity to quality, thus giving more attention and energy to the hosted artists and creations.
In addition to the presentation of finished productions, MU also undertakes to organize and host workshops, seminars and platforms as well as festivals. Furthermore, it provides home and residence for a dance laboratory (MU Therminal) and for a theatre company (Viktor Bodó's Sputnik). 

1117 Budapest, Kőrösy J. u. 17.

tel: +36 1 209 4014; +36 1 466 4627


Szkéné Theatre has been working in its present home in the main building of Budapest Technical and Economics University since 1970, more than forty years. This chamber theatre has been the 'alma mater'  of the alternative, independent movement in Hungary for deades. Well-known practitioners of almost every branch of artistic life have begun their careers here – theatrical ensembles, dancers, musicians, painters and sculptors and performers have had and still do have today the confidence and the opportunity to try out their talents at the start of their careers. Thus it is possible for artists who have since become internationally famous come and call as friends. At present the theatre is functioning as a receiving theatre, an open-minded alternative theatrical and artistic base, with no resident company.

1111 Budapest, Műegyetem rkp. 3. II.
tel: +36 1 463 2451 

The Trafó building in Líliom utca, once the electrical transformer station for south Pest, was built in 1909  in the industrial turn-of-the-century style. It was put to cultural use by a French anarchist artistic group at the beginning of the 90's, who discovered the building after it had been abandoned for more than forty years. Performances and concerts followed one another for a summer, after which it became a squat. The Budapest City Council bought the building in order, as  the legal successor to the legendary Young Artists' Club (FMK, formerly on Andrassy út), to convert it into a multifunctional, well equipped contemporary arts center appropriate for the current times.
Today Trafó is a house where life is all about Contemporary Art – dance, theatre, visual arts, literature, music and new circus. It  opened during the 1998 Budapest Autumn Festival, and over the years has become a place through which we can look out into the world and through which the world can look into Hungary.

1094 Budapest, Liliom u. 41.
tel: +36 1 456 2040