With the help of a professional advisory body (Livia Fuchs – critic and dance historian; Máté Gáspár – theatre expert; Csaba Králl – critic; István Szalai-Szabó – director and theatre expert; Andrea Tompa – critic; Ágnes Veronika Tóth – critic) we have compiled the programme from a selection of the best performances of the past two seasons. Over a period of three days we shall introduce some twenty works from the forefront of Hungarian contemporary performing arts. Through the nature of the platform, performances have come onto the programme which, even taken out of their original contexts, will be relevant and comprehensible to anyone. We shall hold professional discussions and training sessions – before the performances – in the dunaPart club, and shall provide opportunities for foreign and Hungarian professionals to make new connections and obtain information.

The programme, which will run from Thursday afternoon until Saturday night, is indeed very full, but still amply rewarding, and it is worthwhile visiting Budapest for this long weekend!