Thursday, 20th January, 2011 19:30 MU Theatre (105')
Sputnik Shipping Company
The Dice Man

The Sputnik Shipping Company was founded by Viktor Bodó in 2009 with the express intention of producing, as an independent theatre group, theatrical feats, performances and movie projects that handle issues directly affecting society. On the other hand, they prize workshop-style pursuits that they may freely commit themselves to, contemplating fundamental questions of their very profession and re-thinking forms of potential expression.
The troupe is partly made up of young actors just starting their careers as well as of seasoned actors who have already experienced traditional, institutionalised theatre-milieus and are looking for something new.

“Life is about the islands of ecstasy scattered around in the sea of boredom. Over thirty, you scarcely see any land.” – says the author, Luke Rhinehart, the acknowledged psychiatrist, who discovers one day how much he’s imprisoned by everyday routines and mechanically played roles. He’s bored with himself and with his life, so he decides to liberate himself and drift with the current. To trust his life to the dice. He fabricates different options for himself: what roles should he play, how should he act. From the day of the first roll there is no way back, he becomes more and more possessed by the dice and the unpredictable chaos of his new life begins.

Performers: Gábor FÁBIÁN, György GAZSÓ, József GYABRONKA, Anna HAY, Péter JANKOVICS,  Lőte KOBLICSKA, Bence LAJKÓ, Gusztáv MOLNÁR, Anna RÉTI, Zoltán SZABÓ, Rozi SZÉKELY, Sándor TERHES, Zita TÉBY, Ferenc TÓTH SIMON

Dramaturg: Júlia RÓBERT, Tamás TURAI
Costume: Andrea KOVÁCS
Music: Gábor KERESZTES
Photo-video: Ferenc TÓTH SIMON
Assistant to director: Kristóf VARSÁNYI
Production manager: Péter TÓTH
Director: Viktor BODÓ

The only uncertainty is whether the genius of Gábor Fábián or the fantastic team effort of the country's best theatre company is going to steal the show tonight. We are in for sheer and utter entertainment, a bewildering array of ideas and a roll-call of fabulous talent. Everyone is present on stage, no one is relegated to the sidelines, everywhere one looks there is nothing but peerless, high-quality theatre all around. (…) The Dice Man is a fast-paced, candidly entertaining and professional performance. It is comforting to know that we have Viktor Bodó, that we can call the Szputnyik company our own.
András Sztrókay, Ellenfény 

Audience Award, EX PONTO Festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2010

festival abroad:
EX PONTO Festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2010