Friday, 21st January, 2011 18:00 MU Theatre (60')
Tamás Bakó and Zsuzsa Rózsavölgyi

Tamás Bakó, Zsuzsa Rózsavölgyi and Imre Vass are the founders of Scuba Club Collective, an independent artists' collective that started out in 2007 as a research project, where dancers had an opportunity to introduce and try out their new ideas on improvisation in weekly held sessions. By 2010 it had grown to become a melting pot for artists from different backgrounds and disciplines. The members of the collective are freelance artists engaged in projects, research, and teaching organized by the collective and create their own independent work as well. The primary idea of the collective is to bring the culture of dance and movement to the people in playful, unconventional but inviting ways through performances, concerts, lectures, exhibitions, book editions, and a blend of these forms of presentation.

Put you outside, threw you away, walked out on you, beat you
off, let you fall, showed you the door, drove you off, broke up
with you, threw you over, sent you away, rejected you, put you
away, turned you out of doors, kicked you out, cast you out,
threw you out, turned you away, let you go.
You are in despair, in ruins, worn out with it, can't keep it under
control, beside yourself, in a blue mood, feel depressed, sad
about it, absolutely done up, lethargic, went deep, quite upset,
fall to pieces, it knocks you down, your heart bleeds.
In a certain moment of our lives we all have to face the tragedy
of loosing somebody important to us. This is the most difficult
experience to deal with, to pass through. We all have to learn to
trust the healing quality of time. This common knowledge gives
all of us the wisdom how to let go of attachments and takes us
deeper to explore our emotional depths.
In this one hour the audience can peep into a personal struggle
between two different characters, and is confronted with their own
memories through the performers and through the greatest sad
songs in the history of music. 

dancers/choreographers: Tamás Bakó,  Zsuzsa Rózsavölgyi

The playbill promises a painful break-up scenario. But we get much more! Light, heavy, colorful and memorable. (...) The performance of Bakó and Rózsavölgyi is elegant, graceful and at the same time instinctive and impressive. The smooth flow of the piece and its bizarre and surreal scenes create a special mood. Two lovely people with an endless array of instruments in a pastel colored play, the shiny, brilliant play is full of movements, songs and dialogues. It is intimate (“dance drama in a bunch of songs”) and easily takes its place in our heart by the power of radiant talent, deep humanity and the beauty of the soul. The piece is so impressive that some scenes will always be remembered.

Break-up test, Tamás Halász , 2009

tours and festivals abroad:
December Dance Festival, Brugges, Belgium, 2010

WP Zimmer / Antwerp
New Performing Arts Foundation / Budapest
National Cultural Funds Hungary
Mu Theater / Budapest