Friday, 21st January, 2011 20:30 Szkéné Theatre (100')
Béla Pintér and Company

The company, which lodges with Szkéné Theatre in the main building of Budapest Technical University, was founded in 1998 under the leadership of Béla Pintér, who stages his own plays and takes part in the performances as an actor. In the past ten years there have been fifteen premières at the Szkéné Theatre, and one at the National Theatre.
It is the artists’ intention to bring into being contemporary theatrical works based on critical-ironic observations of society and their own selves. The surreal world which generally characterises their performances is constructed from a combination of reality and dream, of authentic and kitsch, and from sundry elements of Hungarian culture. Thanks to their successes, the company are nowadays reckoned one of the most significant and most inventive creative workshops. 

She who is not loved never knows precisely why she is not loved. She blames the injustice in the world, or people's apathy, whereas really everyone avoids her because of her stunted emotional intelligence, her selfishness and narrow-mindedness. Because avoid her they certainly do. They are not keen to speak to her. To be unloved is hellish agony. One's brow furls, one clenches one's teeth, one's hands tighten into fists. At such times she is most dangerous. She, who is not loved.


Béla Pintér puts on stage not only unmistakeably stage-worthy drama, but recognisable Hungarian reality. With rapturous imagination his grotesques conjure up the current dream-world out of the everyday bitterness of the most wretched Hungarian. (...) The company wraps its sentimentality in irony and operates a human sincerity shot through with satire. Its every word, every movement is precise, worked out, apposite and sincere (...) A Szutyok (Muck) is the best Hungarian play of our times and a thrilling performance.

Péter Molnár Gál, Népszabadság

Rózsi Zsófia Szamosi
Irén Tünde Szalontay
Anita Éva Enyedi
Attila Zoltán Friedenthal 
Uncle Bandi Szabolcs Thuróczy   
Uncle Pali László Quitt
Béla Györk Szakonyi 
Etus Hella Roszik 
Professor, Policeman, Chairman of the jury Béla Pintér              

Music: Róbert Kerényi
Costume design: Mari Benedek
Assistant of Costume designer: Júlia Kiss
Set designer: Gábor Tamás
Mask, puppet: Sosa Juristovszky
Light: Zoltán Vida
Assistants of the director: Rozália Hajdú
Financing: Gyula Inhaizer
Production manager: Anna Hidvegi
Writer and director: Béla Pintér

Tour abroad:
International Theatre Festival Divadelna Nitra, Slovakia, 2010


Sponsored by “Theater der Welt 2010Mülheim an der Ruhr und Essen, Festival of the International Theatre Institute

Organized by Theater an der Ruhr and Schauspiel Essen in collaboration with the European Capital of Culture  RUHR.2010”, Ministry of National Resources, National Cultural Fund