Friday, 21st January, 2011 22:00 MU Theatre (20')
Zambrzycki Ádám

Zadam Company was founded in 2003 and has continued its creative work ever since. The company has no permanent members, but assembles a company of performing artists who work together on a regular basis. The artists participating in the performances are well-respected, and stage their own productions as well. In the performances visual elements and approach are given a prominent role. The composition is never limited to the language of movement, but always aims at the integration of the various artistic genres. This artistic work is facilitated by the project-based way in which the company functions.

All the world’s a stage. 
If this is true, our life is a single performance. The writers, directors, main heroes and extras, moreover even the audience is ourselves. Let’s not forget the applause in the end!
The performance reacts to the present-day problems thrown up on a global level by the balance between quality and quantity, art and commodity, show-business and self-expression. The gradually blurring boundaries between genres and the different expectations of audiences often have a contrasting impact on one another. All this creates interesting situations for both the artists and the audience. How many points would you give to a salsa in the Opera House and what is its value in a TV show? How do you evaluate folk dance as part of a contemporary performance? A storytelling tightrope-walker or an illusionist reflecting on himself? Who will be voted through to the next round? Do you like a performance that satisfies your expectations or do you like one that startles you? The ironic and self-ironic view and dramaturgy of In’N’Out deal with all this straightforwardly. Instead of ready answers, it offers choices in the theatre that is viewed a social scenario. Comedy, tragedy, singing and rattling, tug-of-war and intimacy served with soap-bubbles. With or without ice. When you are in and out at the same time.

Choreography, performers: Daniel Szasz, Adam Zambrzycki
Lighting design, technician: Peter Molnar
Directed by: Adam Zambrzycki

The performance by Ádám Zambrzycki and Dániel Szász seasoned with self-irony and a demand for criticism and self-criticism, in which they scrupulously put themselves under the microscope. On this occasion entertainment is not an end in itself: it holds up a mirror to creation and criticism, to the method of performance and interpretation. Their humour is intelligent, and they do not overstate the problem of criticism but hit the mark with a few very accurately formulated, well aimed sentences. The complex, very humorous In'N'Out is the criticism of criticism.
Kata Ádám

tours and festivals abroad: 
Tahales, Berlin, Germany, 2009 
Hanna-Hanna Festival, Guta, Slovakia, 2010
DancEUnion Festival, London, England, 2011 March

partners / collaborators: OKM, NKA, Medaliak Association, Workshop Foundation, SÍN, Tűzraktér