Saturday, 22nd January, 2011 22:00 MU Theatre (53')

The company Bloom! was founded in 2010 as a formation for the application for contemporary dance productions written out by Workshop Foundation Hungary within the framework of Jardin d’Europe. The members of the company are young choreographers-dancers; Viktória Dányi (H), Csaba Molnár (H), Tímea Sebestyén (H), Moreno Solinas (I) and Igor Urzelai (ES) met while studying and have worked together in the production of other choreographers, and collaborated in smaller dance pieces.
The group’s philosophy redefines the hierarchy between choreographer and performer, giving life to a creative process in which every artist is equally responsible and involved. The performance, created in collaboration with international artists, deals with issues such as discrimination, power, fear and relationships between individuals and the group.

In this city, everybody is in a rush; workmen, shopkeepers, politicians, newspaper sellers, the unemployed; each in their own parentheses, their own corners, their own shadows, with the sound turned down. If someone asks the time, do you answer? If someone has fallen in the street, do you help them? If someone is asking for spare change, do you give it to them? It might be a trap, a pitfall.
Straightforward, ironic and fearless, CITY expresses opinions about dictatorship, discrimination, prejudice, power, fear, ignorance, attraction and faith in the language of theatre and dance.

Choreographers/performers: Viktória Dányi, Csaba Molnár, Tímea Sebestyén, Moreno Solinas, Igor Urzelai
Sound composer: Alberto Ruiz Soler
Set design: David Harris
Light design: Kata Dézsi
Production manager: Anikó Rácz

In the production titled City five appealing young artists express their opinion about dictatorship, discrimination, prejudice, predominance, greed for power, fear, ignorance, attraction, stereotypes, faith and many other current and past social problems in the language of theatre and dance. The beauty of the evening is that the creators do not lose their irony for a minute, they do not want to philosophize and draw substantial conclusions.

Virág Vida, Democratic Dictatorship,

Jardin d’Europe Award, iDans Festival, Istanbul

tours and festivals abroad:
Aerowaves Spring Forward Festival, Ljubjana, 2011
Teatro Civico, Sassari, Italy, 2010
iDans Festival, Istambul, Turkey, 2010
Festival Internazionale Nuova Danza, Serrenti, Italy, 2010

Sponsored by: Culture Programme of the European Union, Jardin d’Europe, Workshop Foundation, National Cultural Fund, Florian Workshop – Moving House Foundation, Association of Independent Theatres, New Performing Arts Foundation,SÍN Culture Center