Friday, 21st January, 2011 22:00 MU Theatre (20')
Daily Routine (work in progress)

Adrienn Hód (1975), choreographer, teacher, is known for her radical approach to bodies, space, experimental music and the interrelation of these - including the audience. During her formal education she acquired a wide array of movement styles and theatrical approaches that allow her to focus her attention on her dancers and the deconstruction/reconstruction of their proper movements. Her creations seek to delve into what is 'really' going on in her dancers and to convey that to the audience, often filled with playfulness and self-reflecting humour.

The core idea of the Daily Routine series is to address various choreographic themes and to prepare movement studies in a concentrated rehearsal period. As a result of research, we now have six core studies and some four hours of choreographical material to be merged into one. The final form of the Daily Routine series will be a full-evening performance scheduled to be created in Berlin between January and May 2011 and first shown on 20 May.

Research work on the Daily Routine series started in March, 2010. Each rehearsal period lasted for three to seven weeks, during which time selected improvised elements were fixed and structured, thus creating focal points for a presentation. Six presentations of 40 to 50 minutes have been  held to date, and each presentation has dealt with a different choreographic theme.

·  Daily Routine 1

SPACE (Apr 2010)


·    Daily Routine 2

TOUCHING (May 2010)

·    Daily Routine 3

EMOTIONS (Jun 2010)




·  Daily Routine 4


(Sep 2010)

·    Daily Routine 5


(Nov 2010)

·    Daily Routine 6


(Nov 2010)

By focusing on these themes we have aimed at enabling the dancers' body to disengage from fixed forms and find ways to move freely and discover itself anew. When elaborating a theme, we have  concentrated on the expression of the body, supported and accompanied by live music. The extent of improvisation on stage is variable: we use fixed structures but pre-defined rules may also be completely absent.

What intrigues us in this work is how the audience is induced into recalling elementary sensations and memories of movement and touch. Ideally, spectators will experience the performance on a purely physical level, since we all – regardless of age, sex, race or social status – share these body sensations.

dancers: Emese Cuhorka, Júlia Garai, Júlia Hadi, Csaba Molnár
musician: Zoltán Mizsei
choreographer: Adrienn Hód

Supported byMinistry of National ResourcesNational Cultural Fund of Hungary, New Performing Arts Foundation, Off Foundation, Workshop Foundation, Municipality of Budapest, L1 DanceLab, Gödör Klub
Special thanks to: Péter Dömötör, Lilla Emődi, Noémi Hársfai, Márton R Illés, Zoltán Imely, András Juhász, Zsolt Juhász, Éva Karczag,  Imre Kővágó Nagy, Bogi Pálosi, Zoltán Pelle, Orsi Pete, Petra Péter, Rózsa Sebő, Péter Sólyom, Ármin Szabó-Székely, Ildikó Végh, Zoilly