Thursday, 20th January, 2011 19:00 Trafó (55')
Compagnie Pal Frenak
k.Rush (Road/Moving)

In 1998 Compagnie Pál Frenák, which had existed in France for a decade, became a joint Hungarian-French company. Comprising a variety of classical and modern dance techniques the company's profile stands for a unique style and language. One of its most important characteristics is the use of mime, sign language and body movements that reflect on various egress (circus, theatre, movie, fashion shows). Pal Frenak is resident choreographer at the Scène National de Villeneuve d’Ascq, France.

The starting point of k.Rush is the intention to create a sort of film-choreography through a century of movie-making. The seventh art was always close to Pal Frenak, its influence is observed in his previous works too (Festen, InTimE, Fiúk/The Hidden Men), meanwhile k.Rush focuses consciously on the amalgame of cinematography and contemporary dance.  Parallely to the suspension of the borders between arts and genres, illusive figures of icons from the 20th century are reflected in the movements and reactions of the dancers. The thin line between dream and reality is blurred, a visionary road-movie is set on stage.

In this piece, the dynamism of the rush and the dramatic moments of the crash are combined and completed with cinematographic memoirs. The explosive energy of the dancers reflects the constant moving on the road and the dynamism of the eternal change. The ear-blowing tempo, the bold association of the sequences respond to the wacky future and the erratic character of the road-movie as genre. In this context is unfold the diversity of the associations – the beginning of an inner journey.

As usual, the space is clear, though fractured by the endless road. The mean of transport, the symbol of a whole era can’t be missed out either: a Cadillac is in the middle. The video projection conceived by Frenák with the french Philippe Martini is characterized by the suspension of the limit between the figurative and the abstract, as well as of unity of time. Music is composed by Gilles Gauvin, known from InTimE and Seven. Its basis is an electro-acoustic composition. 

Dancers: Marie-Julie DEBEAULIEU, FRENÁK Pál, HOLODA Péter, JANTNER Emese, LoVas Pál, LŐRINC Katalin, MAJOR László, Nelson REGUERA, SIMET Jessica, UHRIK Dóra

Video: Philippe MARTINI
Light: János MARTON
Music: Gilles GAUVIN
Sound: Attila HAJAS
Set: Gyula MAJOROS
Costume: Gergely SZABÓ
Choreographer: Pál FRENÁK


His company has toured extensively abroad and won several awards internationally. 

Sponsored by: Ministry of National Resources, National Cultural Fund of Hungary, Pendola,Rocket Bikes, Moving House Foundation - Flórián Workshop, Pécs EKF 2010, Trafo, TűzRakTér, La Rose des Vents Scène Nationale Lille-Métropole, Scène Nationale d’Evreux-Louviers